The original meaning of Scuttle-Butt refers to the water-butt kept on deck. This would have been a meeting place for chatting and sharing news, so Scuttlebutt eventually came to mean News and General Chatter aboard ship.

If anyone has scuttlebutt to share, just pick up quill and ink and let us know by using the Comment facility at the bottom of this webpage or the Contact Us page.


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There will be a number of the Pirate Brethren onboard to ensure that the celebrations aarrr NOTICED!

We have a NEW Gun Captain, he comes to the crew fully equipped with Black Powder and Shotgun Licenses. Please Welcome to the Pirate Brethren our new shipmate Clew Garnet.

Avast me hearties there’s a New PIRATE Magazine just been printed specifically for Pirate Re-enactment Crews that goes bi the name o “Pirate Plunder”. Below aarrr 3 pages taken from it. Anyone interested should contact  Email:

Pirate Boots for Luckless John

Luckless John’s luck seems to have changed. Just finished modifying his Leather Boots with added leather Bucket Tops and an increase in height of 2 inches.  For all his many fans who want to see him strutting his stuff, I believe that he will be at the Greenfield Pirate Day on Sunday 23th May.


Sharkeye’s New Cutlass, Scabbard and Baldric



The leather Baldric is designed to carry a Cutlass, Parrying Dagger, 3 Flintlock Pistols and a small leather Pouch.

Another Baldric for Sharkeye

Made in Veg Tan Leather and dyed brown then coated with Resolene.  The Baldric is designed for one single Cutlass, is 3 inches wide and equipped with an Antique Brass Caribbean Buckle, all ready for Pirate Festivals in 2018.


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Evie Scroll

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Did you know (Hornigold & Teach).

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Did you know (Ben Hornigold) 2

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Did you know (Scurvy)


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Low's Merry Christmas

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We Now Have a New Ship

Vilma Our Ship Scroll 2 A5 Portrait

We are pleased to announce that at last we have a New Pirate Ship. None other than the schooner “Vilma”. Her Captain and Owner Scott Metcalfe has agreed to “Vilma” becoming the designated Flagship of the Pirate Brethren. We have been shipmates and sailed together for a good many years now, Vilma being armed with our cannons and pirate crew, so it’s a natural progression that we should unite in Black Piracy.

Many thanks Captain Scott, here’s to 2018.

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Did you know (Captain Kidd) 2

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Some photos of the Anderton Pirate Festival taken by Pirate Brethren Crew Member Ned Ardwerk.

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9mm Blank Pistols back in circulation.

Sea Service & Ketland Pistols 1 - CopyGOOD NEWS. 9 mm Blank Firing Pistols are back on the market. These can be purchased from Derbyshire Arms. New legislation made these pistols dangerous to use, so in the interest of public safety Derbyshire Arms stopped making them. Now they have been completely redesigned to comply with the new legislation and are available once more, and although no license is required to purchase these pistols stringent safety rules still apply.

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 Three Sheets In Spectacular Action

photo (2)   SAM_6217

If you have never seen Three Sheets in action please believe that it is well worth watching. Leaping from the topmost yardarm he plummets down with an almighty splash into the sea below. Must frighten the life out of the fish or any passing Mermaid.

And Here He Is


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For those of you who are wondering why we have changed the name of our group, I have written an explanation below.

This website was set-up under the name of “Liverpool Pirate Brethren”. The website name has been left intact to avoid any disruption or confusion.

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No Longer Involved

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