The original meaning of Scuttle-Butt refers to the water-butt kept on deck. This would have been a meeting place for chatting and sharing news, so Scuttlebutt eventually came to mean News and General Chatter aboard ship.

If anyone has scuttlebutt to share, just pick up quill and ink and let us know by using the Comment facility at the bottom of this webpage or the Contact Us page.


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Merry Xmas Happy New Year


Low's Merry Christmas



Something New

Once it’s confirmed we will announce it.




We Now Have a New Ship

Vilma Our Ship Scroll 2 A5 Portrait

We are pleased to announce that at last we have a New Pirate Ship. None other than the schooner “Vilma”. Her Captain and Owner Scott Metcalfe has agreed to “Vilma” becoming the designated Flagship of the Pirate Brethren. We have been shipmates and sailed together for a good many years now, Vilma being armed with our cannons and pirate crew, so it’s a natural progression that we should unite in Black Piracy.

Many thanks Captain Scott, here’s to 2018.



Some photos of the Anderton Pirate Festival taken by Pirate Brethren Crew Member Ned Ardwerk.





DSC07771Thought I’d try me hand at making 6 Leather Pirate Coasters which would be ideal for glasses containing Sharkeye’s Pirate Ale, Sharkeye’s Pirate Porter and Rum. So I cut 7 leather disks, one extra in case I messed-up. Everything went far better than I’d planned, so I now have 7 o the little buggers, all finished wi several coats o Resolene tae give em a nice shiny finish that’s waterproof.
So, does anyone else out there do anything interesting?   Sharkeye



My Ideal CutlassThought I would have a go at designing my Ideal Pirate Cutlass. Nothing fancy but strong, well balanced and incorporating maximum hand protection. UPDATE: Curiosity got the better of me so I contacted my mates at Armour Class and placed an order for them to forge Sharkeye’s Pirate Cutlass. I’m due to collect it from TORM in March 2018.
Does anyone else out there ever design things?          Sharkeye.




COAS Scroll
How do I occupy myself once the Pirating Events have all finished? Well apart from Leatherwork, brewing Pirate Beers and design projects on the computer I also run this website and stay in touch with my villainous piratical temperament by playing a Computer Pirate Game. “And what game is this?” I hear you all ask. City of Abandoned Ships also known as Age of Pirates 2, is a game that I run on my Windows XP computer. Game videos on YouTube:…… Thankfully this game does not require me performing acrobatics high in the treetops like a demented monkey or leaping from roof to roof chasing bloody sea shanties, and your character actually looks like a pirate and not like some hooded left-over from the Dark Ages. What you have is an authentic pirate themed game with a choice of pirate characters exploring the Caribbean Sea, islands, ports, towns, buildings, mainland jungles, and even inside your own ship. Ally yourself with Spain, France, Holland, England or become a Pirate. Fire cannons and pistols and fight with dagger, cutlass or axe. Meet historical characters. Attack, board, loot, and capture ships, even swapping your ship for a better one, and much much more, all in Real-Time 3D Graphics. An in-depth game for all Pirate Enthusiasts. Unfortunately now only available second-hand at exorbitant prices.                                                                                                    Sharkeye.
 Now you know what I enjoy doing, so what aarrr your interests?





 Event 2018 Scroll

See Forthcoming Events





9mm Blank Pistols back in circulation.

Sea Service & Ketland Pistols 1 - CopyGOOD NEWS. 9 mm Blank Firing Pistols are back on the market. These can be purchased from Derbyshire Arms. New legislation made these pistols dangerous to use, so in the interest of public safety Derbyshire Arms stopped making them. Now they have been completely redesigned to comply with the new legislation and are available once more, and although no license is required to purchase these pistols stringent safety rules still apply.



Sharkeye’s Parrying Dagger


A matching Cutlass and New Cromwell Parrying Dagger, courtesy of our mates at Armour Class. The Dagger is forged with a 14 inch High Carbon Steel Blade and equipped with a Cromwell style hand guard.




New Cannon Buckets

20170122_131054 - Copy

A number of New Wooden Buckets are under construction, to be used in conjunction with our cannons. These will replace the old black plastic containers and look far more authentic. A very big Thank You to our Cannon Master Grey Beard and Shipmate Craig, well done lads.



Anne Bonny’s Pirate Bag.

Sue's Re-enactment Bag                      SAM_5156

Anne Bonny has acquired a new Leather Pirate Shoulder Bag which she will no doubt put to good use. Women Pirates tend to fill them with copious amounts of heavy items that can transform these bags into fearsome weapons if swung around by the straps. Ye have been warned.



 Three Sheets In Spectacular Action

photo (2)   SAM_6217

If you have never seen Three Sheets in action please believe that it is well worth watching. Leaping from the topmost yardarm he plummets down with an almighty splash into the sea below. Must frighten the life out of the fish or any passing Mermaid.

And Here He Is



Black Jack’s Swag Bag

DSC07500  SAM_6276 - Copy

Black Jack Connan has now equipped himself with a Leather Swag Bag in which he plans to keep his ill-gotten-gains, booty, loot, Lord only knows what else, and also a number o piratical surprises. Best keep well clear me buckos!


 Captain Jack’s Savvy School

PJC_4158 DSC_0588

The legendary pirate Captain Jack will soon be joined by the villainous pirate Davy Sharkeye who will become his new Quartermaster. There’s a holdfull o planning, scheming and plotting to be done in restructuring the Savvy School.



Grey Beard’s New Belt & Holster


Seems like Grey Beard is also getting a new Caribbean Belt together with a matching Holster to house his Ketland Pistol. Both leather items are treated with Antique Tan then finished with Resolene. He’s now fully prepared for some serious plundering over in Drogheda.



New Caribbean Belt

Fortunatus's Belt 2Fortunatus's Belt 1

Fortunatus now has a new leather Caribbean belt 49 inches in length and 3 inches wide. It comes equipped with an antique brass Caribbean buckle, is stamped with Celtic knot and Gothic rose designs and finished in antique saddle tan. They’ll be queuing to see the lad wearing this.



Dagger and Leather Pouch

Susan email - Copy      Dagger Pouches & Belt

Susan the Brute has now . . . purloined a Dagger and Sheath held on her belt by a leather sheath holder that comes equipped with a retaining strap. She also purchased a neat Leather Pouch (right of the dagger) from TORM.



New Pirate Parrying Dagger

Parrying Dagger Shell 2

The Brethren have been working in conjunction with Armour Class to design a new Pirate Parrying Dagger. This unique weapon was forged by Armour Class with a re-enactment 14 inch high carbon steel blade, a shell and ring guard, 2 downturned quillions and a knuckle bow. Anyone wishing to acquire one please contact Armour Class.

The Armour Class swords below all belong to various Brethren Crew members. Many of these weapons are not featured on the Armour Class website but are available to order, all can be used for re-enactment sword fights.

AC Dutch Shell Guard

27.5 inch single fullered high carbon steel blade

AC Mortuary

 26 inch double fullered high carbon steel blade

AC Cromwell

 26 inch double fullered high carbon steel blade

AC Tower Hanger

 26 inch double fullered high carbon steel blade


New Baldric for Navy Davey.

SAM_6621 Navy Davey's New Baldric


Davey’s New Baldric will hold his Cutlass and is also equipped with a holster and safety strap in readiness for his New Pistol. It is stamped with Skull & Crossbones and Kraken designs then finished in saddle tan. Apparently he has also grabbed himself a Dagger & Scabbard secured to a wide Caribbean belt. Looks like the crew are arming themselves to unleash mayhem at this year’s events and festivals.




 New Cutlass, Scabbard & Baldric

SAM_6763 - CopyDSC07091

Not only does the Pirate Elizabeth Scott have a new Armour Class Dutch Shell-Guard Cutlass, she also possesses a new Black Leather Scabbard and now a new Black Baldric to match her coal black heart.

 DSC07209 DSC07211



No Longer Involved


















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