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We Now Have a New Ship

Vilma Our Ship Scroll 2 A5 Portrait

We are pleased to announce that at last we have a New Pirate Ship. None other than the schooner “Vilma”. Her Captain and Owner Scott Metcalfe has agreed to “Vilma” becoming the designated Flagship of the Pirate Brethren. We have been shipmates and sailed together for a good many years now, Vilma being armed with our cannons and pirate crew, so it’s a natural progression that we should unite in Black Piracy.

Many thanks Captain Scott, here’s to 2018.


Available for Events.

Some of our Cannons.

Cannon 1

Cannon 2

Cannon 3


A Blunderbuss & some Flintlock Pistols we have at our disposal.Blunderbuss (white bkground)

Rothy's PistolQueen AnneSpanish Pistol



Smaller Events Scroll

 Links to their Websites

Blunderbuss and Badger

The Pirate Grey Beard

Captain Jack’s Savvy School







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ZEBU CROP 4 (closer crop)

The Brigantine “Zedu” once our flagship now has a new owner and can still be seen in Liverpool.  Link to Zebu Website. 



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