This page has been created to list the friends and associates of the Pirate Brethren, with Red Titled Links to their Websites.


 The Schooner Vilma


Scott Metcalfe is a long standing Shipmate and owner of the schooner Vilma, working alongside us at Festivals and Events. Vilma is normally armed with our cannons, manned by our Pirates and Privateers. Many Thanks Scott.

Now our designated Flagship



Blunderbuss & Badger

Blunderbuss & Badger

It is a historical fact that most pirate ships employed their own musicians. Not to be outdone, so do we, and ours aarrr the very best. Blunderbuss and Badger fulfil this role with talented panache, singing jolly shanties that would make Black Bart himself dance a merry jig. Now available to hire for school visits and for any multitude of events. Thank you for the music Lads.


The Knight Shop


The Pirate Shop

From the Roman era through to the Vikings and Middle Ages then on to the Golden Age of Piracy, The Knight Shop covers them all. Most types of Armour, Weaponry, Period Clothing, Mead and much more can be found in either the Knight Shop, Pirate Shop or the Warehouse. Toby and Jo have been friends of the Pirate Brethren for many years past and hopefully many more to come.


Derbyshire Arms Ltd

Derbyshire Arms

Many of the excellent weapons and fine accessories used by us pirates are acquired from our good shipmates at Derbyshire Arms. Authentic well-made Pistols and Muskets crafted by a true Master Gunsmith. Many Thanks Gary and Jeni, you help ensure that our events go off with a BANG.



Terry Breverton

Terry Breverton & Books

Anyone with a thirst for knowledge concerning Pirates or Buccaneers can do no better than purchase books by our shipmate Terry Breverton. Terry’s in-depth studies into the histories and lives of Pirates and Buccaneers transports the reader into a bygone age of adventure and plunder set in the 17th and 18th century Caribbean.

Breverton in Waterstones              Breverton in Amazon




Captain Jacks Savvy School


If you wish to learn all about real historical Pirates or just have a fun day, you could do no better than contact our Shipmate Captain Jack. As one of our crew members he can be seen at many of the events we attend. Many Thanks, Paul, you bring a drop of rum flavoured humour to Pirate Festivals and Events.

Ahoy. Many thanks for the mention, safe sailing  to you all and may you have a plundering time, savvy. Paul Bann.


Armour Class Swords


A growing number of our crew have converted to using Armour Class cutlasses as the blades are made of high carbon steel which does not shatter on impact. Unlike stainless steel these swords can be used for stage fights and are of the highest quality with a detailed professional finish. Many Thanks to Ian and all the lads, Sword-smiths and craftsmen to a man.

Cheers for the mention, happy slashing!  Iain Bowden.



Darkblade Logo

Frilly Pirate Shirts, Pistols that fire caps, Tricorns made in Leather, Baggy Pirate Britches, Leather Belts and Baldrics to hold both Cutlass and Pistol, all these items and more can be found and supplied by Tim and Pete our shipmates at Darkblade. Leather items can be tailor made and customised to suit individual Pirates.







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