Pirate Crew

Born To Be Pirates

Pirate Crew (tudor)


Anne Bonny.

Ann Bonny


Andy Lamb.



Arabella Drummond.

Arabella Drummond






Badger Badger is one half of Liverpool pirate entertainers for all ages “Blunderbuss and Badger”.


Blunderbuss Bart.

Blunderbuss Bart Blunderbuss is one half of Liverpool pirate entertainers for all ages “Blunderbuss and Badger”. Arabella Drummond’s ‘Larger than Life’ boatswain, Blunderbuss Bart (AKA Mycroft Milverton) is usually found cowering in a corner whenever there is any fighting or cannon fire. He has never actually contributed to the capturing of a ship, however he has driven many a King’s Man or East India corporate potty with his ukulele and raucous shanties. The Liverpool Echo reported him to be a “Portly Pirate”. That reporter has not been seen since. We keep him around, he might actually come in useful one day for a good meal if we are ever marooned. Mycroft Milverton is a technology-based artist, performer, ukulele player, singer and electronic pipe maker in Liverpool. He regularly performs as “Captain” in LoveHistory’s Maritime History Real Ale Shantical Pub Crawls plus in addition to murder mysteries and historical tours for LoveHistory. The Daily Post described him as “Proprietor of a set of whiskers so perfectly victorian they should have a preservation order slapped on them forthwith”, his beard has even won many prizes! Mycroft is very jealous that his beard is more successful than him!


Black Jack Connan.

Black Jack Connan


Calico Jack Rackam.

Calico Jack Rackam


Captain Charles Vane.

Captain Charles Vane


Davy Sharkeye. Gun Captain.

Sharkeye's Blunderbuss.

While in Conwy I learned of the Pirate Weekend and eventually attended this festival reasonably kitted out and having designed my own pirate flag. During the following year’s Pirate Weekend I was introduced to Sue Hanley Place who suggested an active role in the Liverpool Pirate Festival. My nephew Flintlock and I were both accepted as members of the Liverpool Pirate Brethren. We helped kidnap Mercedez the daughter of Captain Hawkins, were trained to man the cannons, and both enjoyed ourselves immensely taking part in this once dynamic event. Since joining the Pirate Brethren I have designed Zebu’s Jolly Roger, taken up leather-craft, obtained my firearms, shotgun and black powder licenses, equipped myself with a Long Barrelled Blunderbuss, 2 Flintlock Pistols and been placed in charge of this website. Hell, it doesn’t get any better than this.

My Pirate character Sharkeye is a God blighted, one eyed, black souled villain, who is at his worst when in the company of Anne Bonny and Flintlock, these three form the ‘Devil’s Trinity’. He is more than capable of any dark vile deed, from slitting throats to sinking ships, never to be trusted and best avoided. He can be recognised by a black patch over his right eye.


Elizabeth Scott.

Jemma (Elizabeth Scott)


Fortunatus Wright. Cannon Master.

Fortunatus Wright



Flintlock 1


Cannon Master, Grey Beard.

Cannon Master Greybeard


Gunpowder Pat.

Gunpowder Pat


Grapple-Hook Gaz

Grapple Hook Gaz


Captain Jack Frenchie Hawkins.

Frenchie Hawkins


Jacque Sparreux.

Jacque Sparreux

My venturing in piracy first began when my little scallywag crew mate was learning about the pirates life in her school. Me being the most curious of fellows decided to help her investigate the myths and legends of the Golden age of piracy.

This be where I started to get the taste of rum and the smell of the sea air, wasn’t long before I was hooked and started to roam sea ports and taverns looking for pirate adventures meself.

In the space of 3 years I have been working on lesson plans, and now visit schools and tell all the little scallywags the reality of being a pirate and a sailor in those turbulent times.

It’s a Pirates life for me.

Luckless John Evans.

Unlucky John Evans


Match-Cord Mike.

Mike BL



Mercedez BL


Mudskipper Mac.

Mudskipper Mac


Ned Ardwerk.

Ned Ardwerk


 Navy Davey.

Navy Davey


Port Royal Pamela

Pamela BL





Red Rob.

Red Rob


Richard Worley

Richard Worley


Susan the Brute.

Susan the Brute


Three Sheets.

Topsail Tom



Tortuga Tracey

Tortuga Tracey



William Lubber.

William Lubber

He who would a Pirate be

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